The goal of this site is to help everyone who enjoys playing Crazy Taxi routinely achieve "Crazy" rankings by reaching scores of $20,000 or more.


The main sources of information for this site were other internet sites and lots of time playing Crazy Taxi in the arcades. It contains no content specifically oriented towards console versions. If your goal is simply to get better at the game, you should still find this site very useful despite this "lack" of content. However, if you're searching for codes or cheats for the home console versions, try GameFaqs instead.

Those of you already familiar with Crazy Taxi will probably want to go straight to The 5 Skills You Need To Succeed or the Location Notes index. For everyone else, here's a brief rundown of the various sections in this site.

General Rules of the Game
Details the game's objectives (and how to meet them), bonus multiplier system, and score rating system.
Drivers & Their Vehicles
Pros and cons of each driver's vehicle.
The 5 Skills You Need To Succeed
Explains the techniques you must consistently execute to reach the $20K milestone: the Crazy Dash, Crazy Stop, Crazy Drift, Crazy Tailspin, and Limiter Cut.
Additional Skills
These are skills that can help you out in certain situations, but you won't need to rely on them nearly as much as the 5 basic skills.
Location Notes
The bulk of this site's content resides in this section, which contains an index of pages that outline customer selection and navigation tips for each location (with ASCII maps) as well as a graphic "bird's eye view" map of the entire game.
Easter Eggs
Instructions for selecting the bicycle as an alternate vehicle and/or facing the opposite direction when the game starts.
Miscellaneous Info
Information about "wall-stick," "impact bounce," the "teleport bug," and what's wrong when you can't get Crazy Dashes or Limiter Cuts to work.

I hope you find this site worthwhile and learn at least a few things you didn't already know about this game. Enjoy, and remember...

Always Drive Crazy!