The steps involved in accessing the two secret "easter eggs" of Crazy Taxi are listed on this page.

Get the Bicycle

How Do I Do It?

By far the most popular easter egg in Crazy Taxi is choosing the rickshaw-like bicycle as an alternate vehicle to the cab. Here's how:

  1. Put your money into the machine.
  2. Press and hold down both the Brake and the Gas Pedal.
  3. Press the Start Button.
  4. Tap the gearshift from Neutral to Drive.
  5. Release both the Brake and the Gas Pedal.
  6. Tap the Gearshift from Neutral to Reverse.
  7. Use the wheel to highlight the character you want to use.
  8. Press the Start Button.

How Do I Know If I Did It Correctly?

After you've completed these steps, the game will begin, but the driver you chose will be in a large bicycle with a basket in the back for holding passengers. (Okay, technically it's a big tricycle... whatever.)

Anything Else?


  • The most common mistake people make when following these instructions is on the last step. After the driver you want has been highlighted, it's very easy to start the game by pressing the Gas Pedal instead of the Start Button (it's a force of habit thing). Remember that you must press the Start Button to get the bike.
  • There are several distinct differences between the bicycles and the cabs. They're so obvious you can't help but notice them. One is steering; the bicycles are extremely sensitive vehicles to drive. You'll often find yourself in a Crazy Drift when you just wanted to turn left or right. Due to their light weight, these bikes accelerate and brake more quickly than even Gena's cab does. However, their weight hurts them when they hit other vehicles (especially oncoming ones); they are extra-susceptible to the teleport bug. The bottom line is that driving around in the bicycle is fun, but a lot more challenging than using a cab.
  • Although the differences are far more subtle, the driver characteristics carry over to the bicycles just as they do to the cabs. For instance, Gena's bicycle has better acceleration and deceleration than the others, and Gus's bike is the heaviest one.
  • As noted on the "5 Skills" page, when you do the Crazy Dash from a standstill, occasionally the screen will remain in a fixed position as the bike zips away, rapidly growing smaller and smaller. A second or two later the screen will "catch up" again; it's a cool little effect.
  • When shooting for high scores, I personally prefer to use a cab. Overall, they're much easier to control. I break out the bicycle every now and then, just for fun. However, some people have stuck with the bikes long enough to adapt to the extra-tight steering and are able to earn very high scores by taking advantage of their amazing acceleration.

Reverse Course

How Do I Do It?

The other easter egg for the arcade version of Crazy Taxi is selecting the Reverse Course. Here's what to do:

  1. On the character select screen, use the wheel to highlight the character you want to use.
  2. Pull the gearshift to Reverse and hold it there.
  3. While holding in Reverse, press the Start Button.

How Do I Know If I Did It Correctly?

When the game begins, your vehicle will be facing the opposite direction it normally would. As you continue to play, you'll find that some customers are placed in different locations. Also, you won't always be able to accurately predict where some customers want to go based on their colors.

Anything Else?


  • When I play Crazy Taxi, I always have aspirations of beating my high score. So, I've only activated the Reverse Course easter egg once... accidentally. But, if you want to play the game being completely unfamiliar with where customers want to be driven, now you know the option is available...
  • If you want to drive the Reverse Course with the bicycle, I believe you can hold the gearshift in Reverse (during Get the Bicycle — Step 6) until after you press the Start Button.