This page contains a map of the Crazy Taxi course and links to pages detailing all of the locations in the game.

Course Map

Here's a link to a high resolution course map from the Crazy Taxi section of Acclaim's now-retired website. While extremely detailed, it excludes customer locations and their potential destinations.

Locations Index

A separate browser window will appear to hold any locations you select from this list (so you can toggle back and forth between the two windows while jumping wherever you want to without constantly pressing the "back" button). Alternatively, each location page contains "backwards" and "forward" links so you can view each one without returning to this locations index page.

Locations – 1st Half Locations – 2nd Half

The location notes these links point to do not contain every possible destination of each customer. Instead, I let you know what the optimal customer colors are and, when necessary, which customer colors you should definitely try to avoid. There's already plenty of memorization involved without overloading you with every possibility.

The maps are done in ASCII so you can save any pages you want as text (rather than html). This way the information is consolidated in single files you can view or print using a text editor (or a word processor if you use a monospaced font like courier) without the overhead of all the graphics.