Tennis Court — map and notes about customer selection


\       \   /       /    
 \       \_/       / 
  \               / 
   \      6      /  
    \           /   
     |         |
     |         |
     | 5     4 | 
     |         | 
     |         |
     |         '-------.
     |                 |
     |                 | tennis
     | 3               | court
     |                 |
     |                 |
     |         .-------'
     |         |
     | 2     1 |
     |         |
     |         |

Customer Notes

All of these customers may send you backwards, some will only send you back. The good news is is that this is a very simple location to choose customers correctly in.

  • You only want to take Customers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 when they are orange.
  • Customers 1, 2, and 4 will take you forward to the University when orange.
  • Customers 3 and 5 will send you back to the Fire Station when they're orange. This is not a setback, as you'll be in position to select a customer from the Fire Station Slopes.
  • backwards customers
    As you just read, Customers 3 and 5 send you back to the Fire Station when orange. Yellow customers will send you back to the Lookout Tower. Light-green customers go back to the Bus Terminal). Customer 6 will always be yellow or light-green; it never turns orange like the others.

Additional Notes...

  • There are often vehicles parked inside the drop-off zone. Use them like you would a telephone booth to stop your cab more quickly. If you want to take Customer 5 after the drop-off, you can Crazy Tailspin to face it just before you come to a complete stop.
  • Be sure to Crazy Drift and/or Crazy Tailspin your cab so it faces the Fire Station when picking up Customers 3 and 5. Also, take them early in the game while you have plenty of nearby Fire Station Slope customers available.
  • The only time you should ever take Customer 6 is when you are low on time and none of the other customers are orange.
  • (for advanced and expert players)
    When you reach the point where you can empty out most of the customers in the Fire Station Slopes area before your game ends, you're ready to start "conserving" customers here. To do this, take Customers 3 and 5 back to the Fire Station any time they appear. However, when you arrive at the Tennis Court with 100 seconds or more on your game time clock, drive forward to the University area passengerless rather than taking Customers 1, 2, or 4. Save those three customers for when you either need to build up time (i.e., you have less than 100 game time seconds) or you've used up all of the customers on the left and right Fire Station Slope streets and there weren't any forward customers available as you drove up the middle slope from the Fire Station.

The Divided Wavy Road

Although they're not nearly as long as the highway, these two lanes take you from the 2nd Half of the course back to the 1st Half. Like the ones between the Commercial District and the Bus Terminal, they split here and rejoin again later. Also, each lane is one-way. Here are the other differences:

  • The left lane is the one you should always take. You'll be going against traffic, but there are longer straightaways and fewer turns. Before you make the first sharp left turn, there are usually a few obstacles on the left shoulder, but nothing in your way on the right one. There is a path from the other road that leads to this one, so be careful that you don't get hung up where the two join. Other than that, just Limiter Cut on the straight portions of the road but not just before taking one of the sharp turns. Once the lanes rejoin again you'll soon reach the University location and will have travelled full-circle around the course.
  • The lane on the right has more turns than the other and you travel with traffic on this side. Unfortunately, these two factors combined make it difficult to benefit from Limiter Cuts. When you try to execute them, you'll accelerate into another vehicle, a wall, or both. Fortunately, at the first sharp right turn on this road you have the opportunity to go straight instead, following a path that will take you to the more desirable left lane. If there aren't any vehicles in your way, this is just what you should do. The longer you stay on this side, the more time you'll lose.