Levi's Store — map and notes about customer selection


                       |       |
                       |        \
                       |         \
                       |          \
                       |  6        \
                      /|       5    \
                     / |             \
                .----  |              \
              .-'  1   |               |
             /      ---'   2     3     |
------------/      /                   |
            |     /                    |
            |     |                    |
            \     |                  4 |
 (parking    \    |                    |
   garage)    |   |                    |
              |   |        .-----------'
              |   |        | levi's
              |   |        | store
              |   |        |
--------------'---'        |

Customer Notes

There are two customers here that may send you backwards if you pick them up when they are the wrong colors.

  • Customer 1 is actually not accessible from this location. Details about accessing her via the parking garage entrance can be found on the Square Park area page. You can drive to the entrance from here, but it's a bit easier after a Popcorn Mania or FILA drop-off.
  • Choose Customer 2 when it is yellow for a trip to the Heliport. Customers 5 and 6 will take you to the Baseball Stadium when they are green (6 is always green, but isn't always available). Note that a green Customer 5 is more rare than green Customer 6, so if you're given the option definitely choose 5! Take 3 when it's red to KFC for an easy +5 second time bonus.
  • Customer 4 is always available for pickup and is always orange for a trip to the Church. The others can be the wrong color, or not appear at all. So, don't take 4 early on; save it as a backup for when there are no better customers available here.
  • backwards customers
    Customer 3 will send you backwards to Square Park when it is orange. Customer 5, when yellow, wants to go to the Cafeteria.

Additional Notes...

  • If you aren't strapped for time when approaching the Levi's Store drop-off zone with a passenger, don't stop your cab back where the drop-off zone first starts. Instead, stop your cab to the right of the sign in front of the store, aimed towards Customers 2, 3, and 5 so you can decide your next move as your passenger exits. As you drive forward after the drop-off, you'll soon see if 6 is available as well.
  • It may take several visits to this location before you are able to pick up green customers 5 and 6. For this reason, I've tried to note all of the customers with Levi's Store destinations on the preceding pages. Later in the game, you don't want to drop off a customer at Towers Records or KFC, then have to chance a trip back here hoping one of these two will appear in the correct color. If the colors you're hoping for don't appear, your options are to either choose a customer here that sends you backwards, continue backwards passengerless, or turn around and drive forward again.
  • Should Customers 5 and/or 6 never seem to appear as dark-green here, there is a way to force them to. When dropping off a passenger at Tower Records, Crazy Drift your cab so it u-turns into the drop-off zone facing Levi's Customers 5 and 6. They'll come into view as you drive towards them. If neither are green, shift gears into Reverse and back up (or Crazy Backdash) until they disappear. Now drive forward towards them again, and their colors will have shifted. You can repeat this process until one of them turns dark-green (which shouldn't be long if you haven't picked either up yet).

    This tactic can also be done from the other side of the street. Drop off a passenger as soon as you possibly can when approaching the Levi's Store, then drive backwards and forwards on the stretch of road there. (I don't recommend it from this side as traffic can get in your way and, if you're also checking the color of 6, you may inadvertently pick up Customer 2 by backing up and/or bumping into traffic when you're near its pick-up circle.)
  • Obviously, the best strategy is to repeatedly arrive here earlier on in the game so that when customer colors you want don't appear, you can just continue driving forward to Towers Records or KFC and select another instead of using up additional time. Eventually, persistence should win out.