Mall – West Gate — map and notes about customer selection


                           |      |
                           | 2    |
                      mall |    1 | west gate
                 .---------'      '--.
                /                     \
   \        .--'                       '--.
    \      /                               \
     '----'   ---------------------------   |
\                                           |
 \                                          |
  '----------------------------.            |
                               |            |
                               |            |
                               |            |
                               |            |
                               |            |

Customer Notes

One of these customers will send you back to the Downtown area if you choose it incorrectly.

Additional Notes...

  • You can't tell from this ASCII rendition of the map, but this location's drop-off zone and customers are lower than the street. To get back up to street level, you have to either drive up the stairs on the far left and right or drive through the mall "tunnel" and exit at Mall – North Gate).
  • When driving forward past this location, you can Crazy Drift your cab diagonally off the edge of the street so that its side hits the wall to the left of Customer 2 (possibly wall-sticking your cab). There's usually a lot of traffic on the street area, so this can save you time and you'll earn a little extra tip money. Use the extra width of the street to stay out of traffic's way. Just be careful not to skid into the "tunnel" area, as you'll definitely lose a little time getting out again.
  • Sometimes you won't be able to take either customer here. Continue driving forward (left on the map) and you may see that Customer 1 of the Commercial District area is available. If not, either turn left to (hopefully) get Commercial District Customer 2 or turn right to pick up someone at Mall – North Gate.
  • When picking up Customer 2 to the Lookout Tower, you may be tempted to drive through the mall tunnel and exit at Mall – North Gate. However, it's usually faster to take the streets. The mall tunnel has support columns on the sides of the walls and trees in the middle that may tie up your cab. If you take a look at the high-resolution map, you can also see that the route to the Mall – North Gate location is a little bit longer. I recommend Crazy Drifting and/or Crazy Tailspinning your cab so you can exit the tunnel the way you came in.
  • If you're driving backwards past this location, stay up on the street level. You'll probably bump into traffic, but going from the lower Mall – West Gate drop-off area back to the Downtown area can be difficult. The staircase on the right is the one you'll have to take, preventing you from moving towards your destination at the earliest opportunity. Also, it's easy to get hung up by trying to turn off the stairs too soon or too late and smacking your cab right into a wall.